• US-funded enterprises

    Headquartered in the United States, It was founded in 1935, specializing in the production of laser light sources, aviation, airports, medical, high-altitude lighting and other special lighting source products. It has factories and research and development bases in Chicago, Florida, United Kingdom and Mexico. World leading position. It was planning to use Zhuo Kete as a base, and gradually transfer all of its product production lines to China, leaving only the US R & D and sales base.

  • Historical

    Firstech Lighting Corporation is a professional lighting manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. It has a very complete system in research and development, production, sales, quality control, after-sales, etc.
    And our American head office has a history of 85 years so far, and enjoys a high reputation in the field of special lighting in the United States and even the world!

  • Unique technology

    At present, we are the only manufacturer in China that masters the production technology of hard wicks and has a production line of hard wicks. It was introduced from the United States in 1993 and upgraded with American parent company 2003. Now it has become the only supplier of Philips halogen lamps in the world and one of Osram's two largest suppliers. In addition, it also has automatic production lines for rubber seals and flame seals.

  • Foreign technology introduction

    We are always advancing with the times, aiming at the technical weakness in the same field in the country, with the help of the US company's technical backup, we continue to introduce foreign advanced technologies, update products, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and better serve the domestic market and other countries and regions. .